Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

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Yet another smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4, it is not only the blend of a powerful Snapdragon processor clocked at 1.9 GHz S600 from Qualcomm with 2GB RAM and a Super AMOLED Full HD screen is also an interface TouchWiz for Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 that contains many new features. Here they are in detail, with accuracy on their usefulness or not.

Samsung Galaxy S4 review

Samsung Galaxy S4 Touchwiz

Before you start, discern that this Galaxy S4 functions as Air Gesture and Smart Shuffle feature small recognizable icons that activate the top of the screen when available. Practice not to waste time use where it is not necessary (and sometimes, unfortunately, where we would like to have).

Air Gesture

It was one of the major announcements at the formalization of GS4. Air Gesture to control certain actions via a movement of the hand facing the screen. Scroll through a web page or an email (hand movement up or down), visit the photo gallery (left, right), skipping tracks in the music player, move icons (hold an icon and scroll pages from left to right ) or answer the phone or check the status messages, the list of possibilities is long.

Samsung Galaxy S4

After many uses of these features, the most useful proved to be the final “Quick glance.” Passing his hand over the screen off, the GS4 triggers a page dedicated standby statements which are part of e -mails, SMS and calls, the date and time. Scrolling pictures of the gallery can also benefit from Air Gesture.

GS4 Bone Gesture

All other uses are superficial and require almost every shot to stand still for that terminal understands the action. Use a gadget, since it does not replace 100% uses finger and creates frustration.

samsung galaxy s4 air view and air gesture

Air View

Here, the haptic feedback (perception of the finger approaches the screen ) is used to trigger actions within a small group of application. For the gallery and the video player , it can increase the size of a thumbnail fingered without touching the screen . This also works well with the forefinger thumb application that captures the GS4, which traverses the screen casually. For videos, it activates even reading for an overview. The operation is perfect, the interest lower.

GS4 Bone View

Web side exclusively on the embedded browser, Air View provides access to the zoom on a pointed part. Useful for the visually impaired, but again, zoom in / out by pinching or spreading is the most simple and intuitive finger.

Find some of these new features in video below:

Smart Shuffle

We turn now to focus on the interaction between the user’s eyes and the smartphone game. Smart Scrolling allows you to scroll web pages without using hands. The GS4 catches the eye of the user, who then scrolls through the pages by tilting or lifting his head. It is also possible to tilt or raise the smartphone. The important thing is to always look at the screen. The uptake of the subject’s eyes is generally carried out in a second and the frame rate is adjustable.

Galaxy S4 Eye Bone

In use, this feature is quite inspiring, that is if it remains more or less immobile. In full on or even with a few people in the background who is agitated, nobody responds. Under ideal conditions, the Smart Shuffle may very well become a bit unpleasant gimmick, but in no case something revolutionary and indispensable.

samsung galaxy s4 pictures and features

Smart Pause

Another feature star of the presentation of the Galaxy S4, Smart Pause rampant in the video player. When the user is watching a movie, a series or clip, video pauses if not look at the screen. The action is immediate when one looks directly over the screen. Video resumes when the slab GS4 is reattached. A handy feature that is a shame not to use other than the internal video player. YouTube, for example, and randomly.

S Health

The iPhone has hundreds of dedicated sports, nutrition and health applications, coupled with accessories (watches, scales, bracelets etc), but Samsung decided, he directly integrate functions “Health” in GS4. Running, fitness, diet analysis, assessment of the environment of the user via the integrated thermometer and barometer, S Health section includes several indicators that can be found on the homepage of the smartphone. As for some applications, iOS or Android, it sets goals (number of steps per day, duration of abdominal work, ceiling calories to swallow etc) the GS4 would remind us at every level.

Samsung Galaxy S4

The application is complete, well tucked and pleasant to use. Samsung is expected to launch in the summer with a series of accessories compatible home with the application, which can help the user already perfectly in his health approach.

Samsung Galaxy S4 pictures

S Translator

The intelligent translation tool designed for Galaxy S product works written and oral. There are 9 supported languages: English (then divided into two , English U.S. and English UK), German, Korean, Chinese , Spanish, French , Italian, Japanese and Portuguese. Unfortunately, all these languages are not fully “inter- translatable”, that only English can be translated into any other language, while most of the other languages is not translatable in English. Asian languages are translatable to each other and to English. This will require a small gym to go from French to Chinese, for example.

For each translation, the user obtains the written and oral via a message on the loudspeaker. Practice for the timid and especially not to bother with the Chinese characters, Korean and Japanese. Attention tool requires access to the network for each translation. Lowest in theme may well see their bill suddenly explode language roaming.

Also note the presence of a visual translator for signs or menus. We take a photo of them and GS4 translated content; works only for a word and not a set of words. This S Translator is almost essential for travelers … but much room for improvement.

Place the picture in Dramatic Fashion!

This new camera 13 megapixel Galaxy S4 joined the strobe option Zoe Mode HTC One. It allows taking pictures showing several times the same subject whose motion is decomposed.

samsung galaxy s4 picture quality

Last but not the least, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is truly a innovative and breakthrough gadget in the smartphones industry moreover, really a threat to all of other smartphone manufacturers. In-short this phone lets you do things smartly without making yourself bound of typical procedures. More of its smartness as well as usefulness can be assessed from the video that is given below: